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Your Money-Saving Companion.

At 2K, we're dedicated to empowering you with the tools and insights needed to make informed financial decisions and foster conscious spending habits. Our mission is to transform every financial choice into a smart one, ensuring your financial well-being is always in focus. With our advanced forecasting capabilities, we aim to provide you with a clear vision of your financial future, helping you stay ahead and achieve your goals with confidence.

Align your perception of money with reality

Ditch the financial FOMO and level up with 2K! We help you close the gap between what you think you're spending and your actual expenses, so you can confidently keep tabs on your cash flow and make informed financial decisions.

Future Finances Unlocked!

Get ahead of your finances by accessing detailed forecasts for the months ahead. With our feature to view financial projections, you can proactively plan your budget, track upcoming expenses, and ensure your financial stability. Stay informed, stay in control, and stay on track to meet your financial goals with ease.

Free Access To A Money Buddy

Have any questions? Get experienced personalized financial coaching from a real-life expert, with suggestions that may help you to make informed choices with your money. With 2K, a financial guru is ready to answer your questions , back to you within 12-24 hours or sooner.

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Track this month’s spending pattern, breakdown of spending, payments and income.



AI models show insights into details for each of the next three months.


Financial Literacy

You have a coach always available for help and to fill you with financial knowledge.

Feedback and Comments

2K is helping people and can help you. Here are some of the comments and suggestions

Vik W.

I’m happy that I feel like I am in greater control of my finances now that I use 2K. I have credit cards, a mortgage and student loans, so I never had a good idea of how much extra money I might have each month. Every time I got a new credit card bill it felt like it was larger than expected. 2K keeps me updated all the time so there are no more surprises. Thank you!

Ed W.

I’m really impressed that you built a coach that works. Without having to think about paying someone fees to tell me what to do better, 2K provides feedback and recommendations on what I could do better. I like the feeling that I am on top of my finances, no more surprises. Also, I’m doing a lot better now, trying to pay less interest because I am paying off my credit cards faster than before. Just knowing how I can be doing better makes me want to get there sooner.

Victoria M.

2K helped me to see my future, and that made all the difference in my life. Every month, I tried my best, but things came up and I was barely getting by, living paycheck to paycheck. 2K let me see my future by showing me how I’m spending, where all my earnings were being used up. Without having to sacrifice too much, my life now is less hectic. Maybe I go out a little less, but its not that different. I still have the same lifestyle and now I have been able to set aside money for something I really need, a nice vacation.

Sam Y.

Thank you for making my life better. I really love traveling and I kept getting new credit cards whenever I wanted to build more mileage points. Each time I’d roll over my balances. It was fine until it got to the point, I was having a hard time trying to keep up with all the payments. 2K helped me to see all of my accounts in one spot and the interest I was paying. I started to pay down some of my cards, ended up using fewer cards and now, my life feels more relaxed.

Forest S.

I used to feel so alone. I can’t afford a financial advisor and I don’t think I can open up to friends about my finances because I’m afraid they’ll think I don’t know how to manage my own life. 2K showed me how much I spend on monthly living expenses and the extras I spend on each month. Knowing there was money left over, 2K let me know how I could set that aside for future expenses or an upcoming trip.

Robert P.

Using 2K, I saved myself an agonizing experience with American Airlines. Recently, I booked and cancelled, then had to re-booked my wife’s flights to Miami. Lucky me that I set up travel expense activities that showed me that the refund never came through. 2K saved me the future hassle, if I had to track down the missing refund in the future. I immediately called American to issue the refund and the next day I saw the refund in 2K activities.

Jason M.

I like how 2K aggregates all of my accounts so that I am up to date on all of my credit card spending and balances. I’m not good at keeping track of all my spending to the point where I get anxious when my credit card statements come in. I have some anxiety when I get my bills, I always seem to be guessing too low, I guess every little item adds up quickly. 2K tells me how I am doing and I have all the spending detail, so I don’t’ have to guess any longer when my bills arrive. Knowing how I am doing lets me know when I have to time out my spending.

Anna B.

2K tells me how my money coming in is being used for my living and other expenses. I could use some professional coaching to manage my money better. I’ve been trying to grow what I have leftover after expenses to save for an upcoming trip and rainy day fund. I can do that now because 2K helps me to focus on my lifestyle spending. I don’t want to change too much in my life, and I want to enjoy what I earn but I need to start thinking about the future. 2K tells me how I’m trending and even lets me know how my future spending is shaping up so I can make occasional changes if I need to.


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